Image by Toa Heftiba
April lunchtime chat:
Carolyn Yeoman

Friday 30th April, 1:30pm.

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Ticking the wellbeing box


This talk will focus on how and why we should be creating cultures of care within our organisations rather than focusing purely on wellbeing. Wellbeing is an overused term which means all things to all people and it tends to be ill-defined and misunderstood. It’s often the ‘soft and fluffy’ side of wellbeing which is the focus of interventions and whilst such interventions are beneficial to individuals, they’re unlikely to result in long-term sustainable organisational effects. We need to start thinking about wellbeing in a different way and recognise the crucial role that creating cultures of care has on driving business improvement. Bikes and bananas are all well and good but not if these are the only wellbeing interventions being utilised by businesses. Unfortunately, Covid has brought with it a new set of ‘bikes and banana’ type approaches with the focus being on mental health awareness, resilience building and how to successfully work from home – this is the new wellbeing box we tick! These tertiary interventions are not where the focus needs to be,  we need to focus on more proactive primary and secondary interventions which identify the root causes of poor mental wellbeing within our businesses and recognise the crucial role managers and leaders have to play in this area.   

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