June lunchtime chat:
Kevin Hard

Friday 25th June, 1:30pm.

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Recently engaged? Congratulations!

To become engaged you must really care, no really, you must care. It doesn’t just happen you know!


We will explore what it means to become engaged. We knew several thousand years ago that it was the right thing to do so where has that gone wrong? Why did we become obsessed with figures and KPI’s?  More to the point why the hell do we still put financial figures up there as the only beacon of success whilst we are killing people because of it. Even some of the ‘best’ organisations are having to relaunch/turnaround after the impact of COVID-19. What do they do to try and be innovative, call in the bean counters to run the place!  Guess what they do… count beans! Great stuff…. Not.


I’ve recently seen an organisation lay off 15% of its people.  The CEO proudly shows they are back in profit again some 6 months on. He proudly talks about how much money they’ve made, for half an hour, to justify his decisions, then spends five minutes talking about his people. Those people are dying on their feet, they are  working 60 + hours a week with no thanks no end in sight, no recognition, They don’t feel valued or even valuable. Is that sustainable? Not for the people it’s not and ultimately for the organisation it’s a huge risk to the brand through litigation, though retention and recruitment, though quality, though safety and wellbeing challenges.. Who wants to work for a company like that? How many other organisations are now asking more from their people with less resources available?


It’s the 21st century folks and the successful organisations with longer term vison and strategies to support that vision based on a collaborative, people centric approach, will be the high performers of the future. They will engage with their people, they will thrive where those led by the bean counters might not even survive!


IN this lunchtime insight session we will explore:

  • How engagement driver both personal and organisational performance

  • The Language used in engagement

  • The impact of the positive on engagement

  • If you don’t care now, you won’t care for long because you wont have an organisation to worry about.


So if you’re not already engaged, we propose to show you how you might make that happen.

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