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Our managed on-line service helping you assess, diagnose and improve your Health, Safety and Wellbeing compliance, based on HSW1974 Health and Safety at work act and ISO risk standards

The new normal:

As the UK heads back to work, in whatever way or however long it takes, and whatever the new focus might be - survival, new markets, innovative solutions, directors are still accountable for the Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) of their staff, their visitors, and the public (where applicable).

In response we now offer a unique range of powerful off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to support businesses of all sizes, operating in all industries through partnership with our key innovative SaaS partner, SAFE365. The solutions are a resource to allow you to assess your safety culture maturity directly against HSE legislation and ISO risk standards and focus resources on improving the culture, to ensure compliance.

Not only can you benchmark improvements, you can run your own pulse surveys on the wellbeing of your staff, and any other area of the business, as things get back to normal, using the free mobile COVID-19 app and performance platform*.

We also offer multi-site solutions to allow corporates to assess supply chain and contractor HSW performance to protect reputational risk.

Other benefits include SME's in the service industry, construction for example, being able to prove their HSW credentials to potential clients to compete more effectively on projects of work.

Help protect your people

Help protect yourselves

Help protect your reputational risk!

* COVID-19 app free until further notice for up to 200 users

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