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Leadership - WTAF?! 

Friday 11th December 2020

inspiration-all are proudly hosting our first online event, where world experts will be sharing their take on management. This event is deigned to be thought-provoking, providing a new angle on how we can move beyond compliance, from management to true leadership. Some of the sharpest minds in contemporary leadership thinking will be presenting their conclusions about where we are, where we might be going - and how to take advantage of the prevailing winds.

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Details on talks, presenter biographies and abstracts can all be found below.

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Nigel Girling

… chairs the summit and will challenge your organisation’s purpose, leadership style, critical thinking skill and ability to engage your people. He contends that leaders now have permission to look at a new way of doing everything. What are you going to do with that freedom? Nigel is one of the most challenging leadership thinkers around – and has advised government task forces, major corporations and been a mentor to hundreds of senior leaders

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