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Our Valued Partners

Our collaboration of leadership consultants have all worked on projects across the globe and understand how each area of the business impacts on the others. This enables us to help you design organisational improvement in a more holistic, integrated and engaged way, designed to support you in our volatile world. 

Through adapting an integrated approach based on modern, engaging leadership, and a culture of care, the success and sustainability of the organisation is much more likely than a 'silo'd' approach, still adopted by many.



Nigel Girling takes a pragmatic, down-to-earth and often irreverent look at the need for leadership and the ways a leader can inspire, engage and motivate colleagues to deliver exceptional performance. As well as advising UK government on performance he has worked with Sir Richard Branson and advised over a hundred organisations on sustainable leadership development strategies.

Nigel was Chair of the Leadership working group of the UK’s Engagement Task Force, Subject Matter Expert for Leadership for the Chartered Management Institute and Director of The National Centre for Strategic Leadership.

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Dr Silke Brittain works closely with Kevin Hard and Nigel Girling on engagement, developing inspirational employee engagement and communication strategies that influence behaviour change to deliver sustainable business transformation. She approaches every project with the same excitement, enthusiasm and commitment as all of our experts do. It’s this combination of talent, passion and dedication that sets us apart from our competitors. Silke has delivered tangible results through the power of communication for companies such as Argos, BP, Premier Inn, Johnson & Johnson, CBRE, RHS, Aston Martin and Nielsen working on projects in the UK, Europe and on a global basis.

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For nearly 20 years Dr Paul Pritchard, Matt Prescott and their associates have been providing sustainability, health and environmental consultancy to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, helping clients to understand their challenges, develop a strategic response and implement effective programmes.

They have undertaken many innovative projects with clients, looking at an integrated approach and impact on people and risk. 

Clients include The Liberal Democrats party, Heathrow, Sainsbury's, NHS and Defra.

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Dr Sarah Gordon started out as an exploration geologist camping in the wilds of northern Quebec. She now works in a number of integrated areas of risk including business divestment, safety, sustainability, and assurance. The increasing complexity of potential threats and opportunities faced by organisations requires a dynamic yet robust approach to risk and control management. Her approach is that the simple method is the most effective and the consulting process is committed to providing sustainable performance improvements through rigorous thought leadership and experience, gained from a wide range of global projects.

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RyderMarsh OCAID's unique approach to Cultural Safety® pulls together everything they have learnt through many implementations of behavioural safety over the years. It encompasses safety leadership, processes and best practice in human resources. Improving safety culture means understanding how elements of an organisational culture interact and impact on safety performance.

Ryder Marsh OCAID have extensive experience in improving safety culture performance globally and specialise in working with organisations to assess where they are currently, implement effective programmes and support on going improvements.

SAFE365 -

All directors, trustees and partners of any business, from start up to established corporates, are required by the HSE to implement a specific set of health and safety related due diligence requirements. Any director, trustee or partner that is deemed to have not met these requirements is exposed to personal liability and sanctions, including fines and prison. SAFE 365 reporting provides directors, trustees and partners with easy to interpret visibility of the business health and safety performance and can track improvements.

Our Technical Safety experts offering training UK wide on all aspects of legislative safety.

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Dr Carolyn Yeoman is an Organisational Psychologist with significant experience in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing field, who successfully ran her own business for over 20 years and recently spent 2 years at HSE prior to joining OCAID to head up their Wellbeing business.

An experienced conference speaker with a number of papers and publications to her name, including with Sir Carey Cooper, Carolyn is both widely experienced and well qualified to benchmark and design organisational Wellbeing and Safety Culture interventions that will enhance both employee engagement and wellbeing whilst creating resilient people in resilient organisations.

Her aim is always to help to create sustainable change within organisations thereby enabling them to not only maintain but continuously improve their Health, Safety and Wellbeing culture. 

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