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Nigel Girling

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Senior Consultant, Inspirational Development Group, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

Having spent almost 40 years at board level - often as a CEO or Chairman - Nigel is a practising strategic leader, a trusted adviser to senior leaders and organizations and a sought-after leadership mentor. Nigel is a frequent writer, speaker and thought-leader in the fields of leadership and engagement, with one foot in the daily work of a strategic leader and the other in a number of academic roles. Often viewed as a disruptive influence (which he rather likes) and a contrarian (ditto), he recently stood down after a decade as the CEO and Director of The National Centre for Strategic Leadership to take up a post as senior consultant to the Inspirational Development Group at RMAS, designing international leadership development programmes for their many major multi-national clients. For years a committed believer in blended and virtual immersive learning as the future of leadership development, Nigel now spends much of his time filming tutorial and mentoring videos at IDGs digital studios, creating digital content, delivering webinars and writing think-pieces and papers for the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Leadership & Management, The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management, The Engagement Task Force and IDG. He’s been threatening to retire for about 10 years but never quite seems to get around to it.

Nigel Girling: Text
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