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Get out your silo’s and go integrate

The Hard-Girling Integrated improvement model – How outstanding personal and organisational performance depends on emotionally intelligent leadership (and that’s leadership at every level of an organisation), underpinned by a culture of care. If you don’t have a culture of care, based around a proactive just culture, then you can’t set up an environment where people can engage. 

Having an environment where engagement happens improves productivity, quality, safety, wellbeing, retention and recruitment and impacts positively on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and Risk. Wouldn’t that be a great place to be, to improve quality of working life!

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I’ve been involved in looking at leadership differently for over 30 years, based on my experiences around the world of meeting ‘real’ leaders, who have a positive impact, and those that claim to be leaders because they have a certificate!

When I present to boards of directors or at conference on leadership and a culture of care, the feedback is generally seen as thought provoking, exactly what I’d like it to be. There is no merit in having silo’d directors or ‘fiefdoms’ when they are all impacting on the same people as all the other ‘chiefs’. I’m a great believer in no narcissism of small differences, it’s about people, people! An integrated, ethical approach to transformational change is more successful as you have more chance of taking your people with you on that journey.

I’ve recently co-led research with Engaging for Success / CIPD into the impact of engagement on sustainability and currently studying areas of neuroscience that impact on thinking and how to use neuroscience in coaching. I have also recently co-authored the Hard-Girling integrated improvement model, already used by a major UK Rail Franchise to underpin their strategy and referenced in Level 7 and 8 Strategic leadership qualifications.

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