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  • Kevin Hard

IoD 'new normal' insights, by Kevin Hard

The presentation below discussed many of the challenges facing organisations as they come out of lock-down and their people return to work. The challenges are numerous: from the completely varying impact that the coronavirus might have had directly on people or people they knew, through to how that might present itself in the work environment. Add to that the organisation's focus on either surviving or thriving and the strategies they employ, then there’s a mix of risk, emotions and challenges to be faced.

Many organisations still see the main risk as the negative influences on their very survival - but think about moving into new markets, new technology, people with new outlooks and expectations. There are risks in heading into the ‘future’ of course, but with highly emotionally intelligent leadership (at every level of an organisation) co-creating solutions, engaging with their people and having a positive outlook will certainly give organisations a fighting change of success.

The link here to the talk takes of some of the key points on how that success might come about with some tactical tips and ideas.



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