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  • Kevin Hard

LAWCAST: 'A culture of care'

We were asked by DAC Beachcroft to address their clients around the impact of ‘A Culture of Care’

The discussions included how to engage with teams effectively in the current situation where some of those teams have become entirely remote or at least moved to a mix of home and office working. The key concepts of a culture of care depends very much on the key messages from leaders and the clarity of those messages, including an open caring and fair culture where people wont get blamed for trying when they’ve bene empowered to try. In fact seeing it as a learning opportunity for all concerned is about reframing to the positive and we can show the positive impact that has on engagement.

The podcast gives some real practical steps to take to actually start to design and implement a culture of care with the associated benefits to both individual and organizational performance.

To listen, click here!



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